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IDBL's Pro Street Battle Royale

Wow what a weekend of ups & downs but in the end we hung with it & made the best of it we could. On Thursday in testing we were ripping off some of the best 60s we have had with the bike but experienced some shifting issues, which lead to a few wild rides on the back wheel for me.

On Friday in we were able to resolve our shifting problems but got tripped up by killer weather conditions & started over powering the track and on the 2-3 shift the bike would instantly spin the tire. We finally managed to get down the track with a 7.05 in testing.

  Our first qualifier was at night & again I got taken for a ride by Mother Nature, as the sun went down so did the temps & the adjustments I made were not enough. The bike wheelied as soon as I let the clutch go, so the run had to be aborted. For the next two qualifying runs we had tire spin instantly which cost us hugely & we ended up qualifying in the "C" field after the 4th & final qualifying run was canceled due to time restraints.

idbl battle royale 002

Using all the data collected up until this point, we decided to pull as much power as we could to try & make it down the track on Sunday morning. It worked to help us get a round win and a baseline for the next round. We made the needed adjustments & by the end of the day we managed to run a 7.30 in the final to win the "C" class at the Orient Express Pro Street Battle Royale.

idbl winner 005

Two Wheel Werkz/ HMH Motorsports would like to thank all of our sponsors and the people who support us.

Derek Miller and HMH Motorsports, for coming on board and providing me with a great bike.

Eddie Krawiec  and Vance & Hines for the best cylinder heads on the planet & knowledge to keep us going fast.

CP-Carrillo for building rods and pistons that take all the abuse I throw at this thing & help keep us going rounds.

Penske Racing Shocks for a killer shock & unmatched support at the races. Dave Conforti at Worldwide Bearings,

Arai Americas for keeping my head safe & looking great while doing it.

Robert at Galfer USA, for giving me the stopping power to slow this beast down.

Cometic Gaskets for keeping everything sealed up & working great.

Magneti Marelli for the best electronics & support.

Braden Abner for the help in the shop & extra set of hands at the track.

Most of all my family for understanding my insane love for drag racing & allowing me to be away from home so much.

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